Boat Detailing and Cleaning Baton Rouge, LA

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boat detailing baton rouge la
Boat Cleaning & Boat Detailing Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Looking for a professional boat detailing  company in Baton Rouge, La? Call Tiger Wash, the metro area’s premier choice for professional, affordable, and quality boat detailing and cleaning services.

We provide our clients with a number of boat detailing services to give their boat a clean and like-new luster. Some of our services include:

Hand Washing and Soft Washing – Expert detailing of your boat using either hand washing or soft washing combined with powerful detergents to completely clean your boat and return it to its original, beautiful shine.

Waxing – We have waxing services available to give your vessel an extra brilliant shine.

Polish – We offer polishing services to polish your boat and remove scuff marks.

Why Get Your Boat Detailed?

Premium boat care is essential to keeping your boat looking its best and in protecting its resale value in the long term. Just like your car, your boat requires regular cleaning to keep it looking its best. All parts of the boat need cleaning at some point — the seats. boat covers, and other fabrics need protectants, metal surfaces need to be polished and cleaned to prevent corrosion, and the fiberglass body will of course need regular cleaning to prevent major problems from inevitably occurring down the road.

Call Now!

Tiger Wash is here to help in maintaining your boat and keeping it looking at its best and brightest. Give us a call now for a free estimate or to schedule your next boat detailing in Baton Rouge,Louisiana — call 225-678-8904 or email