Concrete Cleaning in New Orleans, LA & surroundings

commercial concrete cleaning new orleans

Looking for concrete cleaning for your home or business in the New Orleans area?

Whether you have a driveway or small patio at your home, or a large parking lot or multi-story parking garage, we can clean it correctly and affordably.

Residential Concrete Cleaning Services
For homeowners, we clean all concrete and brick around the home, including driveways, porches, patio, sidewalks and walkways.

Commercial Concrete Cleaning Services
For businesses, we offer an expansive array of concrete cleaning services to fit your every need, including parking lots, storefronts, walkways, and parking garages.

Concrete Stains

One of the main concerns a lot of our customers have when they request a cleaning is “Will this spot come up?” Due to our industrial grade equipment and degreasers we can resoundly and confidently say “Yes!”.

Some of the stains we remove from concrete and other surfaces include:

Oil Stain Removal
oil stain concrete
With heavy or long term vehicle traffic comes the inevitable: oil stains soaking into your once beautiful concrete. Luckily, with Tiger Wash’s hot water pressure washers and high quality degreasers, we make these nasty stains disappear like magic!




concrete rust stainRust Stain Removal

Another common stain on concrete, especially in New Orleans with our many historic wrought-iron lined driveways, is rust. Whether from a battery or a gate, our rust removal chemicals will safely and effectively restore your concrete to a like new appearance!

To schedule a free estimate or demo on your New Orleans concrete cleaning, call (504) 270-4925 or email us today!