Dirty New Orleans Super Dome Roof Needs Pressure Washing

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Saints Superdome

The Super Dome, or “The Dome” as it is oft-referred to by residents, is a towering an remarkable architectural landmark in a city well-known for its architecture.

The Dome has been home to numerous national championships, college bowl games, and countless other spectacular events. It has witnessed history with the Saint’s 2010 Super Bowl victory, and will continue to o so for decades to come.

Regrettably, though, the beloved Super Dome is beginning to show its age, with a dirty roof ruining the luster of the shining metal roof. Something needs to be done to restore the Saint’s home field to all the shine and glory it deserves.

So what is the proposal? Pressure washing the roof of the New Orleans’ landmark.

The video below, detailed by WWLV Channel 4, shows the proposal in detail.

The nearly $100,000 effort will result in a glistening white roof, complete with special mold prevention chemicals to prevent future build up of mold and grime.

Off course, The Dome is not the only structure in need of a pressure washing. If you are in need of commercial or residential pressure washing in New Orleans, please give us a call at 225-678-8904. We offer free estimates, and can do virtually any job imaginable.