Driveway Cleaning New Orleans

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new orleans driveway cleaning
Driveway Cleaning New Orleans

Get the best driveway cleaning services in New Orleans and surrounding areas today by calling Tiger Wash. Tiger Wash is New Orleans’ number one pressure washing and concrete cleaning company. We use the most advanced equipment, including high pressure surface cleaners, to make your dirty driveway, porch, patio or sidewalk look bright, clean, and like new! This machine allows us to clean your driveway or other concrete much faster than by hand, allowing us to get the job done quickly so you can get back to what you are doing without having us interrupt your daily routine!

We also pre-treat your driveway with a powerful, eco-friendly cleaning solution which kills all of the mold, mildew, and algae that is stuck on your driveway. This keeps your driveway sparkling clean for a much longer period and is one of the things that separates us from other pressure washing companies in the New Orleans area.

Oil Stain Removal

oil stain removal new orleans

Constant vehicle traffic not only brings dirt and mold to your driveway, but also oil stains. We are fully equipped to remove even the toughest oil stains. Be sure to ask a representative about this service when you call.

                                                                        Concrete Brightening

Aside from simply cleaning your driveway, we also offer concrete brightening services to make your driveway, porch, or patio look not only nice and clean but brand new again! Our cleaning technicians have extensive training dealing with different types of concrete and will have no problem assessing your particular needs to give you the results you are looking for.

Rust Removal

rust removal new orleans la

Rust stains look unsightly and detract from the look of your property. Here at Tiger Wash, we have special, bio-friendly chemicals to remove even the worst rust stains from your concrete and make it look brand new.

Get An Estimate

Call Tiger Wash today for a FREE estimate on driveway cleaning New Orleans. Simply call (504) 270-4925 or send us an email at and a representative will be happy to assist you with your concrete cleaning needs.

  1. Cleaning a driveway that just has regular stains is fairly straight forward. Once you start in with oil stains, rust stains or paint then it really get’s interesting and you really need to hire a professional company like these guys!

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