Exterior Cleaning Baton Rouge LA

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exterior cleaning baton rouge la
Exterior Cleaning in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and surrounding areas.

For superior exterior cleaning in Baton Rouge LA, call the professionals at Tiger Wash. With our years of experience, extensive knowledge of our trade, and affordable prices, we are the Baton Rouge area’s leading exterior cleaning company — and for good reason, too!

We clean all types of exteriors and surfaces, including brick, stucco, vinyl, wood, and metal, for a variety of building types both residential and commercial. We also use a soft washing, low pressure system that allows us to safely and completely clean building exteriors without any chance for damage, leaving you with a dirt-free, damage-free building. What’s more, we use only eco-friendly detergents to clean your home or building’s exterior effectively without the use of harsh chemicals which can cause damage.

From simple one-story houses to extensive apartment complexes and hotels, we have the ability to clean every type of building you can imagine. Nothing is too big or too small for us. Our professionally-trained, experienced, and reliable team of pressure washing experts stands ready to help you clean your home or building and return it to its original, brilliant shine.

Our exterior maintenance provides a number of benefits to you, whether you are a homeowner or business, residential or commercial.  For homeowners, regularly cleaning of your home’s outside can improve your property value, reduce repairs, and greatly increase the appearance and curb appeal of your home. And for businesses, nothing helps draw more customers to your door than a clean and inviting storefront or building. It also sets the right image for your company by showcasing your dedication to your company’s image and the little things, which your customers will certainly notice and appreciate.

We are a professionally licensed, fully insured company dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, so with Tiger Wash you will never have worries about or issues with the cleanliness of your building’s exterior. All of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that we are not satisfied until you are!

With Tiger Wash, getting started on your Baton Rouge exterior cleaning has never been easier — simply give us a call at (225) 678-8904 or email us at info@tigerwashbr.com now to get a free estimate!


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    Would save you a lot of money in rentals and we all need more money and it s more efficient than anything else by a lot.

    Go to my email google plus page there is a video of it there jtler68@gmail.com your in my circles

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