Graffiti Removal Baton Rouge, LA

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graffiti removal baton rouge la

Graffiti often plagues most big cities, and the city of Baton Rouge is not immune to this scourge. Graffiti creates a host of problems for an area, and graffiti removal is one of those things best done by a professional, like Tiger Wash.

The problems caused by graffiti are many. First off, graffiti creates an image problem for the building affected and the entire surrounding area. It makes the area seem unsafe and run down, possibly driving down property values and making customers think twice about entering your business. The associations that graffiti creates (crime, gangs, etc) can turn a potential new customer into someone who is scared to even walk through the door.

Secondly, graffiti is unsightly. Even in a nice area, the very sight of graffiti alone conjures up negative images in a customer’s mind and can offset all of the other positive qualities of your business’ building. It gives the impression of lack of maintenance, and diminishes the curb appeal of your business location.

Graffiti removal requires the expertise of a professional company fully trained to do the job right without damaging your building. Tiger Wash is just such a company, with a highly trained crew of technicians, eco-friendly graffiti removal chemicals, and soft pressure equipment that ensures all of the tagging is removed without any damage to your building.

We are experienced working from all levels including skyscrapers! If a graffiti tagger can reach it- we guarantee we can as well. Generally, we can do our removal work from the ground, but bigger projects may require a lift.

Our process is time tested, and we have a growing list of past clients for graffiti removal in Baton Rouge. Some of our past graffiti removal clients include: Republic Parking, Tsunami Sushi, Ingas, J.D. Wang Properties, and Les Petitites Apartments.

As a professional company, we take pride in our work and the unsurpassed dedication we show to all of our customers. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and carry over $2 million in insurance to let you know that your building is safe with us.

Give Tiger Wash a call now and begin your Baton Rouge graffiti removal now — call (225) 678-8904 or email

Watch this video below to see how effective our graffiti removal process is. This video was part of a free community effort by Tiger Wash to remove graffiti in the Tigerland neighborhood in south Baton Rouge. As you can see in the clip, our powerful removal chemicals do most of the work before a pressure washer even touches it, which allows us to clean with much less pressure than our competitors.


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