Heavy Equipment Cleaning New Orleans, LA

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heavy equipment cleaning new orleans louisiana

Looking for quality heavy equipment cleaning in New Orleans? Let Tiger Wash be your preferred cleaning contractor for the cleaning of your company’s heavy equipment.

We know you deal with dirt and dust all day, and those elements can lead to deterioration of your heavy equipment, a major investment on your part. Why not keep it clean, protect it, and ensure its long term serviceability by keeping it clean?

Regular cleaning not only makes your equipment look better, but it can also help extend the life of your equipment as well. Grease and dirt left on machines can cause unnecessary wear and tear, while radiators and engines covered in mud and dirt can cause overheating, resulting in serious damage and seriously expensive repair bills.

Some of our cleaning services include:

  • General Washing
  • Aluminum Brightening
  • Radiator Cleaning
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Removal of Bugs, Tar, and Oil

We customize our services to fit your particular needs. We also provide flexible cleaning times to work around your schedule to keep your equipment looking clean and functional.

Give Tiger Wash a call today to get your heavy equipment cleaned — call (225) 678-8904.