Historic Property Pressure Washing

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Historic new Orleans pressure washing
Tiger Wash leads the area in historic home and building exterior cleaning.






Pressure Washing New Orlean’s Past

In a city as old and historic as New Orleans, you cannot simply go with “any old pressure washing company” when you need something cleaned. Not doing so can cause irreparable damage to old structures, so read on to see what to do when getting the exterior of your vintage home or building pressure washed.

Centuries old oven baked brick, intricate wrought iron and delicate wood trim often found on the old homes and buildings of our beloved city requires a special type of cleaning only offered locally by we here at Tiger Wash.

Our method of cleaning these delicate antique surfaces involves using a low pressure “Soft Wash” that puts out just enough PSI (pressure) to clean siding without damaging paint, exterior or worse. This careful and meticulous “soft wash” pressure cleaning, when coupled with the right detergents and other chemicals, results in a superior, long lasting and spectacularly brilliant clean that not just looks wonderful but also lasts for several years and is damage-free to your home or siding.

Our trained and insured technicians have extensive and well rounded experience cleaning a variety of older homes and buildings across New Orleans, from the Garden District, Uptown, even to the French Quarter!

We clean exteriors, old brick pathways, wrought iron fences, and just about any other type of surface you might forseeably need taken care of.

So next time you have an old historic structure that is in desperate need of a pressure washing, and you’re afraid of potential harm from the cleaning, call the power washing pros at

(504) 270-4925 for a consultation on restoring and pressure washing your piece of New Orleans history.