Hood Cleaning New Orleans & Baton Rouge, LA

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hood cleaning baton rouge and new orleans

Professional Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services


hood cleaning baton rouge
Hood cleaning Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana


Are you in need of hood cleaning in New Orleans or Baton Rouge? Whether you operate a kitchen, restaurant, or other facility in Baton Rouge or New Orleans, Tiger Wash will work hard to ensure that your exhaust systems, grease hoods, vents and more are clean and working efficiently. We will work tirelessly to ensure that your kitchen or facility meets all standards and requirements for your restaurant exhaust hoods and vents.

We have been working with businesses throughout the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas for years, providing area restaurants and eateries with a clean and sanitary kitchen that is up to code and safe for the public.

We work hand in hand with the business owner, chef, manager, and fire marshal to ensure all fire safety and health standards are met, so you do not have to worry about having any headaches after the cleaning.

All of our hood cleaning technicians are expertly trained and certified to ensure that your kitchen is left as clean and grease free as possible. Our priority is cleaning your kitchen hood exhaust right the first time.

There are many benefits to hood cleaning, some of which include:

  • Proper exhaust air flow operation 
  • Fire-safe and clean kitchen environment
  • Staying in compliance with the fire marshal, local inspectors, and your insurance company.
  • Lower maintenance and energy costs through proper equipment operation

Why Hire Tiger Wash?

  1. Extensive experience in the industry
  2. Our technicians are fully trained and certified for kitchen exhaust cleaning (KEC)
  3. Hassle-free communication and commitment to excellence.
  4. Fully licensed and insured
  5. Satisfaction guaranteed
kitchen exhaust cleaning new orleans la
Hood Cleaning Before & After New Orleans, LA


Do not let another day go by without having hood cleaning in New Orleans or Baton Rouge done, its a real risk to public safety, your restaurant, and a potential fire hazard. If you are looking to have your kitchen exhaust cleaned, call us today, and let’s get your cleanings scheduled automatically, so that you have one less thing to worry about!

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