Roof Cleaning in Lafayette, LA

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roof cleaning lafayette la
Roof Cleaning Lafayette, Louisiana

If ugly stains and black streaks are causing your roof to have an appearance problem, then you need to hire Tiger Wash, Lafayette LA’s premiere roof cleaning contractor.

Who We Are

Tiger Wash is a locally-based, full service contractor with years of proven experience in the industry. Our technicians are fully trained in all of the latest techniques in order to ensure the proper cleaning of your roof. We not only provide the Lafayette area with quality roof cleaning services, but we also provide pressure washing services to both residential and commercial clients.

What We Do

Our job is a dangerous and messy one involving the use of powerful cleaning agents to kill your roof dead of all of the fungi, mold, grime, and other particles thriving on the surface of your roof. Keep in mind that your really isn’t dirty at all. It is really infested with all sorts of mold, algae, and other fungi that is not only damaging the lifespan of your home’s roof but also the health and safety of you and your family.

What we do is use powerful, eco friendly chemicals and cleaning agents treated on your roof to kill all existing mold, lichen, algae, and any other scum that is dirtying up your rood and taking away from its natural shine as well as your property’s image. Our eco-safe chemicals kill all of the contaminants without the harm traditional ¬†cleaners can cause to yourself or your family.

Who We Serve

We don’t just serve the city of Lafayette with our fantastic and affordable roof cleaning services but all of the metro area, including Youngsville, Scott, and Carencro.

Start Now

Get stated now on your Lafayette LA roof cleaning by giving Tiger Wash a call at 225-678-8904 or emailing us at

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