Professional Roof Cleaning in New Orleans, LA

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For the best quality roof cleaning New Orleans, there is one company that stands out among all the rest – Tiger Wash.

Tiger Wash is the New Orleans area’s premiere roof cleaning and pressure washing service. We  serve all of the metro area, including New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Gretna, Marrero, Terrytown, Harvey, Westwego, Belle Chase,  Covington, Mandeville, Madisonville, and Slidell with professional, affordable, and outstanding roof washing services.


There are countless benefits to getting your roof washed by a company that is both professional and experienced. The first benefit comes from the added curb appeal that comes with having a freshly cleaned roof. Roofs play a big part in the appearance of your home, and having your roof washed can make it seem like you have a new roof and make your home the envy of friends, family, and neighbors. It also can help in selling or renting your property quickly, as the added curb appeal will enhance the appearance of your property.

Another benefit comes from health and safety. A dirty roof is literally covered in fungi, including lichen, mold, and grime, that can be harmful to the health of your environment. Especially here in New Orleans, the heat, humidity and moisture combine to cost rapid mold growth on your roof, covering it in black streaks of mold and other fungi. Getting your roof washes rids your roof of these potentially harmful fungi while also leaving it with a fresh, gleaming new look.

Finally, one more benefit, which is also probably the most important, is that getting your roof cleaned at least once a year will easily expand the lifespan of your roof, a very expensive investment for your home, by at least 5 years. With those kind of results, it is easy to see why this service is so valuable to maintaining your home.

                                                       Our Service

Our roof cleaning process works like this: First, we provide an on-site inspection to determine not only the dirtiness and cleaning necessary, but also assess your roof’s overall condition to determine any issues and pinpoint any necessary repairs. After we do the on-site inspection, when then begin the roof cleaning itself. We use a safe, damage-free soft pressure system to effectively and efficiently clean your roof without any chance for damage. We use environmentally-friendly chemicals as well as the low pressure system to ensure that your roof is completely cleaned and free of all moss, mold, dirt, and grime, all while leaving your roof completely intact and shining like new!

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We have helped countless homes and businesses across the New Orleans area improve their property’s image through our professional quality, affordable roof cleaning services, and we look forward to helping you too.

Begin your New Orleans roof cleaning today — send us an email at or call 504-270-4925 to get a free quote today!


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