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Clean vs Dirty Baton Rouge Roof
Clean vs dirty Baton Rouge Roof

Tired of seeing unsightly black streaks on your roof? The culprit isn’t a mold or fungus, it’s actually a green algae called gleocapsa magma. Although it is a common sight across America, this algae thrives in humid, hot climates, putting Baton Rouge, Louisiana and all of south Louisiana at ground zero for this problem.

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Baton Rouge in Danger Zone for Roof Cleaning

It blows in from the wind, and once present, this airborne algae will flourish usually starting with the areas of the house near bushes and trees and on the north side of the house (which is shielded by the sun for the majority of the day, allowing for maximum growth). Left untreated, this persistent bacteria can be damaging in several ways. Tiger Wash offers solutions with our  professional Baton Rouge roof cleaning  services.

The presence of this algae results in 4 Main Problems

  1. Appearance
  2. Durability/ Longevity
  3. Health Issues
  4. Increased Energy Cost


4 out of 5 homes in the United States are built with asphalt roofs largely because this style provides unmatched versatility and color options. However, when gleocapsa magma infests your roof, it strips the asphalt granules your of their color and shine and leaves behind a black or dark streaky layer which only gets worse with time. More than just being unsightly, this diminished appearance will drastically affect your home’s resale value, curb appeal, and ownership pride. A roof cleaning by an experienced technician is the only course of action for this problem.

Roof-Replacement-CostDurability & Longevity

An attack by algae can drastically shorten the life of your roof shingles. The algae first take root on the surface, feeding off the limestone filler in your shingles. Given enough time, the filler will eventually get removed, leading to compromised structural integrity of the shingle. This algae can also break down the ceramic coating in the asphalt granules, leading to diminished UV protection. The bacteria also emits nitrogen compounds which allow the new growth of lichens, moss, and fungi which can plant roots and embed themselves under your shingles. In the end, studies have shown that regular roof cleaning of algae can add 12-15 years to your roof’s life. You’ll be a hero to your family for preventing the unnecessary expense of a roof replacement by allowing a proper cleaning of your roof. The cost for a complete, professional roof replacement on an average-sized house is in the $12,000 to $15,000 range! Recent cases abound of insurance companies canceling policies because of bacteria growth on a roof. Prevent this costly burden and extend the full life of your roof through our cleaning solutions.

Health Issues

An infestation of algae on roofs has been documented to cause a variety of potential health problems. This airborne bacteria can be breathed in, eventually leading to a host of respiratory problems. Skin irritations, headaches, and asthma-like symptoms are just a few of the other potential side effects of exposure to this bacteria. “Sick Building Syndrome” can also be experienced by exposure. In post-hurricane Baton Rouge, dangerous health effects resulting from bacteria growth are well-documented and observable throughout the city.

Increased Energy Costs

The breakdown of the ceramic coating used in asphalt shingles results in diminished UV protection and ultimately higher temperatures than a clean, properly functioning roof would have. The increase of moisture that accompanies this bacteria growth intensifies the sun’s rays like a magnifying glass, making it that much harder. As roofs grow darker from bacterial attack, more energy is needed to cool your home. Studies have shown that infested roofs are up to 10% hotter than non-infested roofs, which translates to a several hundred dollar a year cooling increase!


Luckily, it is possible to defy the elements! At Tiger Wash, we have the equipment and experience necessary to properly clean your roof. Using only Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA)- approved cleaning solutions, we can safely and effectively remove this menace and help ensure your roof lasts for it’s full duration. Check out our 5 step process below:

Our process:

1. Clean the roof. Using our special low pressure system, we apply a proprietary mixture which takes effect within minutes. In order to protect the integrity of your granules in the shingles, at Tiger Wash we NEVER use more than 150 pounds per square inch (psi) to clean your asphalt roof. Beware of contractors using high pressure! This approach will removed granules and damage your roof. After application, the mix turns white within minutes letting you know that the moss and algae is now dead.

2. Ground MaintenanceIn order to ensure maximum protection of your plants and gardens, we have a dedicated guy on the ground whose job is solely to keep the house and plants well rinsed during the whole process. This guy dilutes the mix before, during, and after application and guarantees no damage to your lawn or garden.

3. Rinse the roof. Our third step is to use a low pressure applicator to gently rinse the roof mix of the solution and debris. We take care to bag the downspouts of the gutters to ensure that any run off is contained as well, which we will safely remove off site. On some houses, rinsing is not needed and we allow gravity and or rain water to do the job instead.

Metal Pipe Clean
Tiger Wash beats our competitor by using a metal after-wash to prevent further growth if necessary. This same principle is why you’ll see an absence of roof growth under metal pipes and fixtures.

4. Prevention Protection. Stop and take a look at your roof. Notice how there is a notable absence of growth around pipes or metal portions. This is because as much as gleocapsa magma love to feed on limestone, they hate metal even more! This knowledge guides our prevention efforts. At the last stage of the process, we can apply metal-based algae inhibitor such as Liquid Zince to serve as a prevention of algae returns in the future. While our competitors only clean in the short term, our prevention process makes sure you see the long-term results you desire.

5. Maintenance Tiger Wash is fully licensed and insured and stands by our work! All of our roof cleanings come with 12 month guarantee. If you spot any lichen or algae growth on your roof within 1 year of your cleaning, we will come back and take care of it free of charge! Additionally, we offer comprehensive maintenance programs for those looking for a long term solution. After the initial cleaning, we offer a substantial discount for those who choose our annual re-treatment maintenance option.

Black streaks on your roof are an ugly menace, but don’t let them take over your home! Hire Tiger Wash today to fight back. We will work with you to find a solution for your roof cleaning needs, big or small.

Our services includes soft pressure washing of asphalt and fiberglass shingles, cement, clay, and terra cotta roof cleaning as well as metal and wood variants. Call 225-678-8904 to schedule your appointment today!

Our Results

Here is a sampling of some of the results people have seen from our services:

baton rouge roof cleaning

baton rouge la roof cleaning


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