Roof Cleaning Zachary, LA

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roof cleaning zachary la

Roof cleaning is something most people don’t give much thought to, yet it is very necessary in keeping up your property and maintaining your home or building. At Tiger Wash, we offer the best in roof cleaning services to residents in Zachary and the surrounding areas, offering years of experience combined with unbeatable professionalism and affordable prices.

While roof cleaning is necessary for every home, it is also one of those things that is best left to the professionals. It is an incredibly demanding and dangerous job, requiring a variety of advanced tools and techniques that are well beyond what the average homeowner is willing or able to do.

Luckily, at Tiger Wash, we make this process simple for you.We use the most sophisticated, low pressure, high volume pumps to quickly and efficiently remove all mold, grime, and algae from your roof. These nasty particles are damaging the foundation of your roof, and also greatly affects your home’s appearance to friends, family, and neighbors. This soft pressure is safe to use on the surface of your roof, whereas other companies may attempt to use high pressure which can easily blow off shingles or worse.

We use only National Roof Cleaning Association-approved chemicals to effectively kill all of these nasty particles while keeping you, your family, and your home safe. We also mean it when it comes to safety, and our trained technicians have all of the proper personal safety gear to ensure your roof gets washed safely,

Give us a call today to get started on your Zachary roof cleaning — call 225-678-8904 now!

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  1. I totally love tiger wash. One summer I take tiger wash our wooden fence. It was like it was a whole new fence! The dirt had accumulated so gradually that we hadn’t even noticed. It was amazing.

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