Using Power Washing to Keep Baton Rouge Beautiful

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Baton Rouge is an amazingly unique, interesting, and historical place, and we all love our city. We love to call Baton Rouge home for all of the things that make it great, from its wonderful restaurants and history, to its epic nightlife and college vibe. Baton Rouge is an amazing place, and that’s why we all need to do our part in keeping our city beautiful and looking its best.

At Tiger Wash, we are dedicated to helping to keep BR beautiful, every single day. We know that the easiest and best way to accomplish this is through pressure washing, since this is the most effective way to remove dirt, grime, graffiti, and other contaminants dirtying up our wonderful city.

With pressure washing, we can easily restore the luster to old, dirty driveways, bring back the shine to a home’s siding, or remove off-putting graffiti from a city building. Whatever it is you need cleaned, we can do it! We take pride in helping the fellow citizens of our community restore the luster and vitality of their homes and businesses, doing our part to make Baton Rouge beautiful, one power wash at a time.

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